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wrong flea market, right time

One fateful sweltering summer day in Brooklyn I was in the wrong flea market at the right time. There was a dog whose hair was so busted you couldn’t tell which end was coming and which was going. I cracked a bad joke about the dog being for sale and the girl holding it said, “actually she’s looking for a forever home, maybe you could take her.”

A few moments later we were ‘test walking’ and a few days later Tomato had found her forever home, ending the longest period of my life, (6 months), that I did not have an animal.

TOMATO was rescued from a puppy mill by the late Emilinda Navarez of Earth Angels Canine Group in the Bronx, NY. Emilinda said when they first rescued her, Tomato was unable to walk due to infection and abuse. She also said Tomato had been formally adopted 2 times but was returned to the shelter each time. Their loss.

I had never considered a poodle - why would I? They’re froo-froo-high- maintenance fancy dogs right? I am almost ashamed it took me so long to realize how amazing poodles are! And smart…Tomato is actually dictating most of this, I’m typing because she doesn’t have thumbs.

My long term goals of promoting Tomato’s stories and shenanigans are to raise people’s awareness of puppy mills, stop the mistreatment and neglect of animals, encourage people to discover how rewarding it can be to rescue a dog from a local shelter AND to dispel the silly-old stereotypes about poodles!

this was taken before I discovered poodles don't shed
Which end is the front?

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Tomato the Dog + the guy with thumbs





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